Practice keyboarding skills and get your work finshed early!

Keyboard Skills


"Please focus on accuracy over speed."


We venture on various websites to try out internet typing games that also measure accuracy and speed. I use a combination of methods to "learn" typing. My color coded keys may help. I also adhere "bumps" on the “strong fingers” D and K home row keys to help for hand positioning.


The method I use teaches the keyboard by learning the alphabet on the keys - beginning with the letter "A" adding the next letter in the alphabet one at a time. This method is easier for students to learn. Through out the year each class does a one minute timing to keep track of growth. I will encourage a short practice of keyboarding at the beginning of computer lab time. With practice, accuracy and speed will improve.


Grade Level Typing Goals


1st Grade and Kindergarten: 

Mouse skills, ESC, Delete, Spacebar, and various keyboard shortcuts such as Open command P for print, and command Q for quit.

2nd Grade: 2 words per minute

3rd Grade: 2-10 words per minute

4th Grade: 10-15 words per minute

5th Grade: 15-20 words per minute

6th Grade: 20-25 words per minute

Typing Club is used in the computer lab & classrooms by students in grades 3-6. Students have a user I.D. and password to login to the DMUSD typing club account. This program allows the teacher to create lessons and track student progress.  *if you are using this program over the summer, your child's user I.D. and password from the year before may not work. They can still use it, but their information will not be saved.

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