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Please have your student practice their keyboarding skills at least ten minutes daily during the week. While doing so, it is imperative that they sit with good posture and maintain homerow position, as they will otherwise quickly create bad habits that are difficult to unlearn. Technique and muscle memory, not speed, should be their primary focus. If you can be with them to encourage this practice, that would be ideal.

Kinder and 1st grade: Typing Club Jr https://www.typingclub.com/kids-typing

Typing Club

https://www.dmusd.org/students : Click on Clever Login For: a nd enter student User ID and password


Other Typing Programs 




Typetastic: Please note that all typing games should still be played with proper finger positioning. Students sometimes lose sight of this when playing in a gaming environment. Enter Torrey Hills Code: red panda

Lower Grades: https://typetastic.com/learn.html

Upper Grades: https://typetastic.com/learn2.html

Advanced: https://typetastic.com/learn3.html


Grade Level Google Doc Assignments
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