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11 Huff Song-vocals
03 Straw for Sale-vocals
01 Three Piggy Opera-Overture-vocals
02 Mother Pig's Song-vocals
05 I Sell Sticks-vocals
06 Oh Mr. Peddler (sticks)-vocals
07 Bricks I Sell-vocals
08 Oh Mr. Peddler (bricks)-vocals
09 Wolf's Song-vocals
10 No Way-vocals
12 Finale-vocals
06 I See With My Heart
04 Oh Mr. Peddler (straw)-vocals
07 Flying Higher
05 Booker T.
02 Jesse
03 Go Nellie!
04 Think!
01 Heroes All
06 Nothing Rhymes With Tundra (vocals).m
07 Food Chain (vocals)
01 The Right Biome (vocals)
02 Go Find Your Place (vocals)
03 Close To Shore (vocals)
08 Fungi Are Your Friends (vocals)
04 Forests (vocals)
09 Adapted To The Desert (vocals)
05 You Want To Be Grass_ (vocals)
02 Go West! (With Vocals)
03 Wagons, Ho! (With Vocals)
04 My Pony And Me (With Vocals)
05 Steamboatin_ (With Vocals)
06 Keep Rollin_ (With Vocals)
07 Where I Make My Home (With Vocals).m4
08 Go For The Gold! (With Vocals)
01 The Europeans Are Moving In
02 I Drink From Every Fountain
03 Sunrise to Sunset
04 Name That Colony Theme Song
05 A Million Things to Do
06 The French Have Got to Go
07 One Lump or Two
08 Sibyl Ludington
09 It_s Our Revolutionary War
10 Boogie With The Bill of Rights
01 So Long Ago - full perf.
02 The Land Between..- full perf.
03 In My Tomb - full perf.
04 Empires of the East - full perf.
05 Greece is the Word - full perf.
06 Toga Party Tonight - full perf.
07 Here_s to the Future - full perf.
08 So Long Ago (reprise) - full perf..m4

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