Introduction lessons include mouse practice, keyboard identification, word processing, reading and math games, and STEAM+ websites. 


First Grade

Fourth Grade

Google Apps and collaborate design, keyboarding, video and music creation, graphic design for communication, research, mixed media slide shows and more.

Fifth Grade

Integration of STEAM+ oriented lessons are also planned this year. These projects are planned in teams working closely with the integration of classroom teachers and STEAM+ specialists to create dynamic lessons with real world attributes.

Technology Projects

Internet safety, education games, work processing, class slide presentation, graphics, code and more.

Second Grade

Beginning keyboarding, desktop publishing, research and slide presentations, educational websites with internet safety rules, code, and graphic arts.

Third Grade

Claymation, animation, graphic design, Google docs, slideshows, video production, responsible internet usage, coding and more.

Sixth Grade

Digital citizenship, newsletter layout, graphics, video and music production, research and writing, Google Apps and more.

The STEAM+ approach to learning integrates traditional subject matter disciplines, allowing students open-ended opportunities to apply skills and knowledge they have

acquired--or are still developing--to problem solving tasks related to real-world relevant experiences. Dynamic learning environments support strategic thinking, creativity

and innovation, and build communication skills through collaboration. These practices prompt deep understanding and inspire a lifetime of inquiry.

Spreadsheet basics, data collecting, slideshows with google docs, keyboarding, creating digital art, video production, code, word processing and research.

About  Dr. Swanson

Dr. Swanson is a respected veteran of the toy and education software industries. She invented, produced and designed award winning products and services for children for over twenty years. After she sold her design firm, she came back to her education roots teaching technology and design to children at Sage Canyon (2005-10), Del Mar Hills and Ashley Falls (2010-2011), and now at Torrey Hills (2011- present) schools.



  • Educational Doctorate in Organization & Leadership

  • Master of Education with Technology Emphasis

  • Multiple Subjects K-12 Clear Teaching Credential

  • CLAD and NCLB Certifications

  • Technology Specialist Authorization Credential

  • Art Subjects Authorization Credential

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

  • Child Development Certificate and Director Permit

  • Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

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